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Course descriptions

The HHBA "University" is a comprehensive training course for all levels of basketball players run by NBA/WNBA Trainer Dustin Holbrook. Learn from the same training techniques he has used to help over 80 players reach the college and professional levels.

Below is a detailed description of each course offered as well as a calendar where participants can register online.

Skills 101 (1 HR)

This course is perfect for beginners (3rd - 7th grade). If your player is getting interested in the game and just needs a little structure to take their skills to the next level, this is the perfect class for them. Points of emphasis will be ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, conditioning, and understanding the game to increase IQ. REGISTER BELOW!

Skills 201 (1 HR)

This course is for players that have game experience but haven't quite been pushed to the limit (aka Intermediate players). Basic skill development is still the focal point of this course, but at full speed, and with competitive drills. This course is more geared toward advanced 5th graders - 8th graders. Class will cover ball handling with a purpose, shooting with proper form, understanding angles for passing, conditioning, and competitive IQ. REGISTER BELOW!

Skills Elite (1 HR)

This course is for older more experienced players. Advanced junior high players and high school players only. Classes will be focusing on playmaking, playing/moving without the ball, running the pick and roll and understanding all options, and game-like shots. This course is mostly geared towards the players that are trying to make it to the college level. REGISTER BELOW!

shooting range (45 MIN)


Sessions will be on our new Dr. Dish shooting machine. Rapid fire shooting drills, moving with pace to get quick shots off, and all types of game-like shots will be worked on. Spot up, off the dribble, off screens, drifts, lifts, floaters, etc. will be intensely worked on during these 45 minute sessions. REGISTER BELOW!

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